Bullard Ward Directory Link


Brian Brems- Bishop

Parick Kindle- 1st Coun.  Chris Otero- 2nd Coun

Randy Ekins- Sec.

High Priest Group

Tab Judd- High Priest Leader

Rick Kindle- 1st Asst.  Paul Ahlstrom- 2nd Asst.

Donn Thomas- Sec.

Elders Quorm Presidency  

Matt Kindle- President

Colby Reid- 1st Coun.  Tracy Johnson-2nd Coun.

Brooks Atwood- Sec.

Relief Society Presidency

Jeannette Humphries- President

Dana Reeves- 1st Coun.  Jennifer Ekins- 2nd Coun.

Patsy McManus- Sec.

Young Men’s Presidency

Johnny Acker- President

Steven Younger- 1st Coun.  Blake Curtis-2nd Coun.

Brent Bishop- Sec.

Young Women’s Presidency

Tammy Link- President

Donella Younger- 1st Coun.  Alyona Humphries- 2nd Coun

Mary Price- Sec.

Primary Presidency

 Sanette Brems- President

Shannon Kindle- 1st Coun. Bonnie McWhorter-2nd Coun.

Stacy Roberts- Sec.



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