May The FORCE Be With You!

b-blogstar1The Stake young women’s and young mens presidency kicked off the new year with a STAR WARS theme dance!  The youth came out in record numbers!  From the food, decorations (“Cristi Style”), attire, and games everything was “one with the Force”!  It was a BLAST!    We can’t wait till the next activity February 4th! (that one will be for 12 years and up!)  Check out all the pics and feel free to share with your friends!b-blogstar2Need a light saber?  Check out these super cute mini ones!b-blogstar3Ohhhh!!!  It’s a Jedi and Rey!!!  We are strong with the Force!b-blogstar4b-blogstar5b-blogstar6b-blogstar7b-blogstar8b-blogstar9b-blogstar10Serving up some “VADER-ADE” and “YODA SODA”b-blogstar11b-blogstar12b-blogstar13b-blogstar14b-blogstar15b-blogstar16b-blogstar17 Thanks to CP3O we had a hologram movie playing!b-blogstar18LOVE these sweet girls!!!<3b-blogstar19b-blogstar20b-blogstar21Love our girls!!!  ❤b-blogstar22b-blogstar23It is Luke in training with Yoda!b-blogstar24Check out their STAR FACES!b-blogstar25USE THE FORCE BRENNA!b-blogstar26b-blogstar27b-blogstar28All the youth came in their STAR WARS attire!  Lookin’ good!!!b-blogstar32Just hanging out with some of the gang!b-blogstar33b-blogstar34b-blogstar35b-blogstar36The “Cantina” was the BOMB!  It had drinks and all sorts of yummy STAR WARS food!b-blogstar37b-blogstar39b-blogstar40Rey hanging out with Princess Leia!b-blogstar41ABRIE… I AM YOUR FATHER!!!b-blogstar42b-blogstar43Maddie has got the moves!b-blogstar44b-blogstar46(No necking! lol!)b-blogstar47First timers having a BLAST!!!b-blogstar48 All the decorations “Cristi Style”  The youth LOVED the atmosphere!b-blogstar51b-blogstar52b-blogstar53b-blogstar54b-blogstar55b-blogstar56b-blogstar57b-blogstar58b-blogstars33You can’t carry light sabers all night and not expect a battle!b-blogstar29b-blogstar30b-blogstar31Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting this super fun night!  We are grateful for all the leaders hard work into making this happen and a big thanks for all who stayed after to help clean up!  We can’t wait to see you at the next activity!!!


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