Be The LIGHT! Young Women’s In Excellence

b-bloglight2Our young women held their annual Young Women’s in Excellence tonight.  The “BE THE LIGHT” theme went perfect with the church’s world-wide “Light the World”.  YWIE is held at the end of the year for the young women to look at all of their goals they made in Personal Progress.  The yw leaders gave each girl a mason jar to fill with things that represented the different values they worked on.  The girls sang a special musical number (in case you haven’t noticed we have AMAZING young women that are all super talented!)   b-bloglight24 Sister Link made her FAMOUS cupcakes- YUM!!!b-bloglight23

It was fun to hear the girls talk about what all was in their jar!  And Sister Younger made every girl a special necklace with the evening’s theme in it!b-bloglight21b-bloglight20b-bloglight18b-bloglight19b-bloglight17Our beautiful amazing young women of Bullard Ward!

(Laurels standing, Mia Maids kneeling, and Beehives sitting)b-bloglight15Girls just wanna have fun!!!b-bloglight26b-bloglight22b-bloglight16b-bloglight13b-bloglight12b-bloglight27b-bloglight11b-bloglight10b-bloglight9b-bloglight8b-bloglight25b-bloglight6b-bloglight5b-bloglight3b-bloglight7

The AWESOME Young Women Leaders!!!  Thanks for a great night and all you do for our young women!b-bloglight4b-bloglight1


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