Image result for light of the world ldsThis was the BEST CHRISTmas party!  It was focused all on our Savior and left us all feeling inspired to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD! 

Every table was set up with different nativity sets- it was fun to see all the different nativity scenes!   Turkey and brisket was served along with super yummy desserts!  We were blessed to have the Kindle family share their vocal talent with us.  The bishop then presented several videos reflecting the birth of Jesus Christ followed by the #LightTheWorld video and challenge.  What a great way to start and continue through the holiday season!


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  Image result for light of the world lds

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“I am the light of the world” (John 8:12)

“YE are the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14)



Matt and Ricky Kindle brought the Christmas spirit with their talented voices!  Matt even wrote a song for the #Lighttheworld theme!  Here it is- check it out!

Light the World by Matt Kindleb-blogchrist20b-blogchrist21b-blogchrist22b-blogchrist23b-blogchrist24b-blogchrist25b-blogchrist26b-blogchrist27b-blogchrist28b-blogchrist29b-blogchrist30b-blogchrist31b-blogchrist32b-blogchrist33b-blogchrist34b-blogchrist35b-blogchrist36b-blogchrist37b-blogchrist38b-blogchrist39b-blogchrist40b-blogchrist41b-blogchrist42

Thanks to everyone for helping clean up!!!  It made the job go fast!b-blogchrist12b-blogchrist11

Image result for light of the world lds


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