Camping at the Graffs!!!

b-blogcamp40b-blogcamp8The boys had a GREAT time camping out at the Graffs place!  The weather just turned chilly and the boys all had to bundle up!  Capture the flag, a game of soccer, and setting up and hanging out all night was time well spent!  b-blogcamp9b-blogcamp10b-blogcamp11b-blogcamp12b-blogcamp13b-blogcamp14b-blogcamp15b-blogcamp16b-blogcamp17b-blogcamp18b-blogcamp19And breakfast is served!!  Omelet in a bag along with some hot coco!!!MMMMM!!!b-blogcamp7b-blogcamp6b-blogcamp3b-blogcamp5b-blogcamp4b-blogcamp2b-blogcamp37b-blogcamp38b-blogcamp39b-blogcampb-blogcamp36b-blogcamp35Then Bro Graff took all the boys out on his boat!  It was fun to wave to all the early bird fishermen!b-blogcamp21b-blogcamp41b-blogcamp42b-blogcamp22b-blogcamp23b-blogcamp24b-blogcamp25b-blogcamp26b-blogcamp27b-blogcamp28b-blogcamp29They rode by the house that fell a few years ago…b-blogcamp30b-blogcamp31b-blogcamp32

THANKS AGAIN to our AMAZING scout leaders Blake and Michael

who make all of this possible and the other YM leaders and parents for your support! 


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