Attitude of Gratitude!


The Enrichment crew came up with a SUPER FUN night that reflected upon the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!  Nicole read the Very Fairy Princess book about how a little girl was going to have the BEST attitude, but throughout the day everything became a disaster!  It wasnt until the end where she realized she had so much to be grateful for! (great book for your little ones!)   We then focused on WHAT we are grateful for- family, friends, gospel, and RELIEF SOCIETY!   Everyone had put their name in the bowl to be drawn out for different games!  First game was the COOKIE RUN!  b-blogrs25

Sarah was a PRO at this game and got it in!!!b-blogrs16b-blogrs17

Next was the ROLO game- you had to unwrap the Rolo using only chopsticks!  Sandie took the lead with this game!!!b-blogrs24b-blogrs15b-blogrs14b-blogrs13b-blogrs12b-blogrs11b-blogrs10

Everyone was given a starburst and had to find their coordinating groups when called out!  You had to stick your tongue out to see who had what color.b-blogrs7b-blogrs6b-blogrs5b-blogrs4b-blogrs3b-blogrs2

Then it was TIME FOR FAMILY FEUD!!!  We had the Cookie Bakers vs the BABY MAKERS!b-blogrs23b-blogrs22b-blogrs21b-blogrs20b-blogrs8

The BABY MAKERS WON!!b-blogrs9

Time to knock some things over!  with panty hose on the head with a tennis ball at the end, these sisters had to knock down 10 water bottles before the other gal!b-blogrs18b-blogrs19

Feeling a little “cheesy”?  We paired up sisters and loaded them down with shaving cream on their head- the more the better!!!  The other sister had to toss cheese balls to get them to stick to their heads!  SUPER HILARIOUS!  b-blog8035b-blogrs26b-blogrs1

We as Relief Society Sisters are GRATEFUL for all of you!!  Thank you for coming and letting loose and having a great time!!! 


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