80’s Theme Stake Dance!!!


The youth know how to put on a party!  This stake dance was hosted by Tyler 2 and Spanish Branch.  Everyone LOVED their 80’s theme!  b-blog801b-blog802b-blog803

One cool idea they do is the “Cinderella Dance”.  All the boys leave the room and the girls throw in ONE of their shoes onto the dance floor.  The boys come back in and pick a shoe.  They then have to find their Cinderella and dance with her!  b-blog804b-blog805b-blog806b-blog807b-blog808b-blog809b-blog8010b-blog8011b-blog8012b-blog8013b-blog8014b-blog8015b-blog8016

MICHAEL JACKSON made an apperance!!  (aka Brent Staley)b-blog8017b-blog8018b-blog8019b-blog8020

All the decorations were PERFECT!b-blog8021b-blog8022b-blog8023

Everyone got a glow bracelet!b-blog8024

Spanish Branch worked on a few 80’s dance moves- they were AWESOME!b-blog8025b-blog8026b-blog8027b-blog8028b-blog8029b-blog8030b-blog8031b-blog8032b-blog8033b-blog8034


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