The Bullard Ward teamed up with Tyler 2 ward for our annual Trunk or Treat!  It was held at the Sky View Drive (members of Tyler 2 own the drive in theater!).  Chili, chips, hotdogs, and lemonade were served and everyone got a glow in the dark bracelet!  After all the candy was passed out they showed the movie Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman on the BIG screen!!  Lots of fun was had by all and it was great to bond with Tyler 2!b-bloghalloween14b-bloghalloween13b-bloghalloween12b-bloghalloween15b-bloghalloween9b-bloghalloween10b-bloghalloween11b-bloghalloween5b-bloghalloween4b-bloghalloween2b-bloghalloween3


Cristi had the BEST TRUNK!!!  b-bloghalloween1


A BIG THANKS to Harley Quinn… I mean Sheri for sharing all of her pics from the evening!!!


A sign of a great night!!!  All the kiddos should sleep well after an awesome night!b-bloghalloween16


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