The Dynamic Duo Teaching Self Defense


The DYNAMIC DUO was at it again!  This time teaching the young men self-defense.  Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth”.  Tim focused on teaching the boys skills that will prevent a fight and how to end it at the beginning.  He showed them some moves that could knock someone out cold and other moves to give them some time to run or get ready for their next move.  He categorize people into three groups.  There are SHEEP- these are people who just go through life and are usually victims.  Then there are WOLVES- they are the ones who prey upon the sheep.  They are the mean ones looking for a fight.  And then there are the SHEEP DOGS- these are your officer type people.  They have the capabilities of a wolf but are there to protect.  b-blogself12b-blogself11b-blogself10b-blogself20b-blogself19b-blogself18b-blogself17b-blogself16b-blogself15b-blogself14b-blogself13b-blogself9b-blogself8b-blogself7b-blogself6b-blogself5b-blogself3

How lucky we are to have amazing “SHEEP DOGS” in our ward who volunteer their time to teach our youth how to defend themselves.  THANK YOU TIM & REBEKAH!!


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