Beehive Deacon Conference 2016

Sweet Reagan’s first conference!  She was joined by Carly, Austin, Grace, and Kayden. 

(PLEASE send in any pics if you have any!!!)


Every year our stake presidencies over Young Women and Young Men host a conference for our Beehives and Deacons!  (for 12-13 year olds)  This is where they had a classes on manners and played a few fun games.  Pizza was served for lunch (always a favorite for our youth!)   They played some great games.  One was LIFE SIZE TIC-TAC-TOE.  Each team had to get all their X’s or O’s in the squares before the other team could win.  b-blogbee2b-blogbee3b-blogbee4b-blogbee5b-blogbee6b-blogbee7b-blogbee8b-blogbee9

Another cool game was “BEAR, HUNTER, LADY”!  Just like paper-rock-scissors you use your entire body and have to choose the right thing (acting it back)  Hunter beats the Bear, Bear beats the Lady, Lady beats the Hunter.  All in all it was a super fun day for our youth!!  So grateful they have days like this to help them remember WHO they are, learning something new, while interacting with other great youth in our area!



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