Scout Camp!!!

This was the week of CAMP!  Our scouts traveled up to Oklahoma for scout camp!  Lots of fun and little sleep- makes for great memories!b blogscamp2b blogscamp3b blogscamp4b blogscamp5b blogscamp6b blogscamp7b blogscamp8b blogscamp9b blogscamp10b blogscamp11b blogscamp12b blogscamp13b blogscamp14b blogscamp15b blogscamp16b blogscamp17b blogscamp18b blogscamp19b blogscamp20Day ONE- Jake killed a snake that was right outside their tent (Garrett posing with what was left)b blogscamp21Each troop picked ONE representative to compete in the archery competition.  Bullard Ward boys selected Garrett!  He was a little nervous but super skilled with a bow!  Third place earned 43 points (out of 50 points), 2nd place scored 46 points, our GARRETT SCORED 47 POINTS OUT OF 50!!!  Garrett won 1st PLACE!!  Way to represent G!!!b blogscamp22Sweet dreams!!!b blogscamp23b blogscamp24Totally gross pic…. look away if you have a weak stomach!!!

Jake almost made it out of camp unharmed…but nearly sliced his thumb off while whittling some wood.  Nine stitches later he now has a good story to tell!!b blogscamp26B blogscamp


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