BE THE ONE! Girls Camp (part four)

Camp started off with the girls having to figure out all the clues in a scavenger hunt.  They had to carry one another (carry one another’s burdens) to the next station, sail across the lake, water proof a match, sing a camp song, find 6 different plants, find and read a ton of scriptures, fish, and work a compass!  The girls all passed!!!

b blogbe142b blogbe141b blogbe132b blogbe129b blogbe125b blogbe119b blogbe118b blogbe117Cami working on her mad volley skills!!!b blogbe116b blogbe114b blogbe113Certification: learn CPR!!!b blogbe112b blogbe111Thanks to Sis. Wallace, we had a quilting frame to tie off our service quilt!!b blogbe110b blogbe16b blogb17We discussed becoming “fishers of men” while fishing… it was sooooooo hilarious to hear the little first years wish they could “FISH FOR MEN!!”  ha ha ha ha!!!b blogbe1b blogbe12b blogbe13b blogbe14b blogbe15b blogbe126b blogbe128b blogbe130Men at work!!!b blogbe135First years had to get up early one morning to make breakfast!  They served up pancakes and sausage!!! MMMmmmm!!!b blogbe138b blogbe139b blogbe137b blogbe140b blogbe136b blogbe146b blogbe154More service!!!  makes our hearts happy!!!b blogbe153Time to build a campfire for S’MORES!!!b blogbe152b blogbe151b blogbe150b blogbe149WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!b blogbe148b blogbe147b blogbe145b blogbe144b blogbe143b blogbe115SORRY!!!  Became one of the girls favorite games!  Alana was the pro!!!b blogbe120BIG THANKS to Sis. Johnson who made our super awesome shirts!!!  She is super talented and can do just about anything!  Thanks for helping our girls out!!!b blogbe124b blogbe123The back of the shirt…b blogbe122The front with the theme!b blogbe121b blogbe133


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