BE THE ONE! Girls Camp 2016 (part two)

Hammocks were the coolest place to hang out!!!

(or catch up on a good nap!)

DSCN6904DSCN6758 - CopyDSCN6857 - CopyDSCN6858 - CopyDSCN6860 - CopyDSCN6875 - CopyDon’t you wish clean up duty was always this much fun?!?!?DSCN6898DSCN6899DSCN6900DSCN6901DSCN6896DSCN6873 - CopyAnd LOTS of other service projects in the works!!!DSCN7179_edited-1DSCN6794 - CopyDSCN6754 - CopyMary Taylen found her family!!DSCN6756 - CopyDSCN6757 - CopyAnd if you got caught doing service, you would earn the SPIRIT SERVICE STICK!!! (EVERYONE wanted the spirit service stick!!!)DSCN7041_edited-1DSCN7040_edited-1DSCN7039_edited-1DSCN7059_edited-1DSCN7038_edited-1DSCN7037DSCN7025There were daily awards too!!!DSCN7172DSCN7171DSCN7170DSCN7169DSCN7167DSCN7166DSCN6891DSCN6890DSCN7173DSCN6888DSCN6887DSCN6886DSCN6885 - CopyDSCN7016DSCN7015DSCN7014DSCN7013_edited-1DSCN7018DSCN7019DSCN7021_edited-1DSCN6893DSCN6892


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