BE THE ONE! Girls Camp 2016 (part one)

DSCN7179_edited-1.JPGGirls camp was AWESOME!!!  We spent part of the week at the Huckabee’s property and stayed in their cabins and brought a few tents!  Palestine Ward joined us and we made a lot of new friends!  This years theme was BE THE ONE!  We focused on being ONE with Christ!

The girls had a blast doing archery and BB’s with Buck!DSCN6782_edited-1 - CopyDSCN6832 - CopyDSCN6836 - CopyDSCN6839 - CopyDSCN6843 - CopyDSCN6850 - CopyDSCN6847 - CopyDSCN6851 - CopyDSCN6845 - CopyDSCN6823 - CopyDSCN6824 - CopyDSCN6827 - CopyDSCN6829 - CopyDSCN6830 - CopyDSCN6831_edited-1 - CopyDSCN6816 - CopyDSCN6812 - CopyDSCN6811 - CopyDSCN6807 - CopyDSCN6792 - CopyDSCN6791 - CopyDSCN6789 - CopyDSCN6781 - CopyDSCN6779 - CopyDSCN6910DSCN6908_edited-1DSCN6907_edited-1They were super creative with Sis. Reeves in Crafts!!! DSCN6752 - Copy DSCN6868 - CopyDSCN6867 - CopyDSCN6866 - CopyDSCN6865 - CopyDSCN6864 - CopyDSCN6863 - CopyDSCN6805 - CopyDSCN6804 - CopyDSCN6803_edited-1 - CopyDSCN6802 - CopyDSCN6799 - CopyDSCN6798 - CopyDSCN6797 - CopyDSCN6753 - CopyDSCN6751_edited-1 - CopyDSCN6906DSCN6905There were a TON of laughs during fishing with Bro Christenot and Buck!DSCN6768 - CopyDSCN6772 - CopyDSCN6773 - CopyDSCN6776 - CopyDSCN6767 - CopyDSCN6766 - CopyDSCN6765 - CopyDSCN6762 - CopyDSCN6761_edited-1 - CopyDSCN6760 - CopyDSCN7000DSCN6999DSCN6997_edited-1DSCN6992DSCN6990DSCN6989_edited-1DSCN6987_edited-1DSCN6984DSCN6985DSCN6983DSCN6975DSCN6977DSCN6956DSCN6955DSCN6954DSCN6953_edited-1DSCN6952DSCN6951DSCN6948DSCN6947DSCN6946DSCN6942DSCN6940DSCN6939DSCN6938DSCN6937_edited-1DSCN6934DSCN6933_edited-1DSCN6931DSCN6932DSCN6919DSCN6920DSCN6917DSCN6913DSCN6911Who can forget all the faces of Kirey?!?!?  ha ha ha!DSCN6982DSCN6972DSCN6971DSCN6969DSCN6968DSCN6967DSCN6965DSCN6964DSCN6962DSCN6927(no fish died!!!  They were loved on and were given moral support “dont worry fishy!  Its okay!  You will be alright!!”)

We held a talent show hosted by Abbie and Andy! FYI we have some pretty amazing girls who are super talented!!!DSCN7107DSCN7105DSCN7104DSCN7101DSCN7095DSCN7090DSCN7089DSCN7086DSCN7083_edited-1DSCN7080_edited-1DSCN7082DSCN7079_edited-1DSCN7077_edited-1DSCN7075_edited-1DSCN7073_edited-1DSCN7072_edited-1DSCN7070_edited-1DSCN7069_edited-1DSCN7068_edited-2DSCN7065_edited-1DSCN7064_edited-1DSCN7061_edited-1DSCN7058_edited-1DSCN7054_edited-1DSCN7053_edited-1DSCN7051_edited-1DSCN7050_edited-1DSCN7049_edited-1DSCN7047_edited-1The leaders couldnt let the girls have all the fun- they showed off their makeup skills!!DSCN7125_edited-1“if you like that gothic look” or “Bloody tears!!”DSCN7124_edited-1DSCN7118Brother and Sister Otero kept us well fed!!!  1st years were in charge of cooking breakfast and 2nd years cooked burgers for lunch.  Everyone made hobo dinners!DSCN6881 - CopyDSCN6875 - CopyDSCN6874 - CopyDSCN6872 - CopyDSCN6861 - CopyDSCN6855 - CopyDSCN6854 - CopyDSCN6856 - CopyDSCN6853 - CopyBrother Otero even made a special grilled cheese for a girl who didn’t eat meat!DSCN6882 - Copy


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