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Once a Cub Scout turns 11 he “crosses over” to BOY SCOUT!!  This means working on merit badges and a new tan shirt (no more blue).  Six boys from the Bullard and Whitehouse ward crossed over.  3 from Bullard ward- Dylan, Dylan, and Kelton.  These boys have worked hard on earning their arrow of light and passing off all the requirements in Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos!   

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Dylan was the youngest of the group and just earned his Webelo!  Every boy gets to pin their mom for all their hard work they contribute to earning this great award!

After the refreshments and awards came the exciting part!  Members of the Order of the Arrow East Texas Council came to do their presentation.  These boys have already earned their Eagle Scout ranking and were chosen to be a higher level of scouting- Order of the Arrow.   b blogcrossover13

Each scout was called and brought forward.  They then had the opportunity to “back out”… All of our boys stayed in!  They talked about the arrow and how it flys straight and narrow.  Then they talked about the bow and string.  It has to remain strong and tight to send the arrow.        One is pretty useless without the other.

Each boy was then brought forward and with a pat on the back and crossed over to the other side one by one.

b blogcrossover12b blogcrossover11b blogcrossover10

Bullard Ward boys crossing over:

b blogcrossover8b blogcrossover6b blogcrossover

b blogcrossover3b blogcrossover2b blogcrossover5b blogcrossover9b blogcrossover14

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures!  Please feel free to send your ward historian any pics of ward events you want added to the blog!


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