“May the FAITH be with YOU!”

b blogstarwars15The youth celebrated “MAY 4” with the theme “May the FAITH be with YOU!”.  b blogstarwars10

The Jedi Master Otero talked to us about the “REAL FORCE” b blogstarwars12  Star Wars Jeopardy game complete with “who said it-Star Wars character or church leader”b blogstarwars7

b blogstarwars18

Bells and the music to the Star Wars theme

b blogstarwars13b blogstarwars6

A Photo booth with Light Sabers and “PEW PEW” guns

b blogstarwars3b blogstarwarsb blogstarwars11b blogstarwars17b blogstarwars9b blogstarwars16

And SNACKS of course!!

b blogstarwars4b blogstarwars5b blogstarwars2b blogstarwars19b blogstarwars20b blogstarwars21


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