Tonight’s theme was DROPS OF AWESOME based on this article!  (PLEASE READ!)

Rendy headed up an awesome enrichment Relief Society Birthday Dinner- are going strong after 174 years of Relief Society!  Soup and Salad were provided by Rendy, Tiffany, and Dana and Kristina provided the super yummy dessert!!!  Jeanette gave the awesome lesson which was a great reminder to celebrate even the smallest victories in life. (don’t forget to read the article highlighted to get the whole lesson!)  Rendy also made everyone their own bag of “DROPS OF AWESOME”!  (bag of lemon drops!)

DSCN5782DSCN5783DSCN5784DSCN5786DSCN5787DSCN5788DSCN5789DSCN5790DSCN5792So many yummy soups!!  DSCN5793DSCN5794DSCN5795DSCN5796DSCN5797DSCN5798DSCN5799DSCN5800DSCN5801DSCN5802

Several sisters sang a sweet song about “Small and Simple things Great Things Come to Pass”.


BIG THANKS to our awesome nursery crew!!!  Thanks Elise and Carly!!  Yall are super awesome and AMAZING with kiddos!  PS- need a great babysitter?  Give them a call!!DSCN5804DSCN5805DSCN5807


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