“Come Follow Me”- the Savior Said.


“Come Follow Me” is the teaching guide our youth use today for Sunday School lessons, Young Mens, and Young Womens lessons.  We invite you to follow along what our youth are being taught and incorporate it in your own Family Home Evenings (ps- AWESOME and EASY way to throw a quick FHE night together when in a time crunch!)  Don’t know what or how to teach your youth?  Come Follow Me has new topics every month broken down for a new discussion every week!   They encourage the youth to do more teaching to prepare them to become better missionaries, teachers, and parents.  Come Follow Me inspires you to TEACH in the Savior’s way giving you all the tools you need: current conference talks, videos geared towards the youth, and topics that pertain to them.  Please watch and learn more at lds.org

(click here or on any of the pictures posted) b blogcomefollow4

The Deacons had a lesson on repentance… Check out all of the lesson HERE!b blogcomefollowb blogcomefollow2b blogcomefollow3comefollow me


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