11 Year Old Camp Out

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The Stake Primary presidency hosted the annual 11-year-old camp out!  These boys were so excited since it was most of their first time to officially camp out as a Boy Scout!  First up- setting up your own tent!!!

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They had to chop their own fire wood and cook their own meals while at camp.  They learned the safe way to swing an ax!b blog11camp8b blog11camp9b blog11camp10b blog11camp11b blog11camp12b blog11camp13b blog11camp67

They played and played…

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Bro Otero was our fearless priesthood leader who provided the camp grounds!b blog11camp14b blog11camp15

Night came and they read scriptures by the campfire

and headed off to bed.b blog11camp60b blog11camp59b blog11camp69b blog11camp62b blog11camp61b blog11camp58

Saturday morning the boys were off to pass off as much as they could!b blog11camp16

Big THANKS to Sis. Kindle for arranging the camp out and to her awesome counselors Sis. Osborn and Sis. Otero for all their hard work!b blog11camp17b blog11camp18

19 eleven year olds attended this stake camp out- what a GREAT turn out!b blog11camp19b blog11camp20b blog11camp21b blog11camp22b blog11camp23b blog11camp24b blog11camp25b blog11camp26b blog11camp27b blog11camp28b blog11camp29

This stray dog must have smelt the yummy camp fire food and joined the camp out Friday night.  He enjoyed the boys so much he decided to stay and even sleep inside the tent with some boys from the 2nd ward.

b blog11camp30b blog11camp31b blog11camp32

The Scouts had a race activity using their GPS.  As soon as two of the teams saw each other as they were heading for the end, they both took off running racing to the finish!b blog11camp33b blog11camp34b blog11camp35b blog11camp36b blog11camp37

Bro. Holloway did a wonderful job with his talk on priesthood preparation!

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The boys had a great time eating the donuts they made!

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