“SPA” (Spiritually Prepared Always)

Our Relief Society had a fabulous “SPA” night (Spiritually Prepared Always).  We started out with this song by Hillary Weeks.  (click on pic to listen)

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Nails were painted- which represented hands.  We use our hands to serve.

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We applied Body Scrub- to symbolize the atonement.  Should be applied to rid the bad and refresh the new!

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Brows were waxed- so your eyes could see better.  See like Christ sees and look for opportunities to love others.

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Yoga and massage offered- for body and spirit.  Serve with all your heart,might, mind, and strength.  Your body is your temple so take care of it!

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All in all it was a ton of fun!

 Kristina summed up the evening with these awesome words to live by:”As we embark upon a new year, we refocus our goals and make resolutions to better ourselves. We are going to eat healthier, exercise more, be kinder, all things to improve ourselves. We focus on things of this world, but what do we do to prepare ourselves spiritually?
In a talk from Elder Dallin H. Oaks during the general conference in October 2015, he states:
Our Savior experienced and suffered the fullness of all mortal challenges “according to the flesh” so He could know “according to the flesh” how to “succor [which means to give relief or aid to] his people according to their infirmities.” He therefore knows our struggles, our heartaches, our temptations, and our suffering, for He willingly experienced them all as an essential part of His Atonement. And because of this, His Atonement empowers Him to succor us—to give us the strength to bear it all.
As women, we bear many burdens and often times put ourselves “on the back shelf” and focus on the needs of others, whether that be family, church members, friends, or strangers. We must take the time for ourselves, as well, and fortify our spiritual foundation so that we can have the strength and understanding to help others. Just like tonight you have prepared yourself to open eyes and see the beauty of the world, scrub off hard feelings or sin and start fresh, prepared your hands to use them for prayer, serving others, or feasting upon the words of Christ, in our daily lives we need to put our spiritual needs at the forefront and remember that to serve others we must have a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father. So, as we leave this evening, relaxed and renewed on the surface, remember to take the time, relax, and grow yourself spiritually so that you can be a beacon of light for others to follow.”

We ended the evening the SWEETEST way possible- with a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!  YUM!

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Thanks to all the sisters who came to enrichment night and supported our Relief Society!  Big thanks to Rendy, Kristina, Sheri, Tiffany, Tasha, and Krystalin for putting on a relaxing night!


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