Women’s Conference 2015

b blogwomcon23

Click here to watch Women’s Conference!!!

Women’s Conference is the kickoff to every general conference.  Bullard Ward and Whitehouse joined in together with all women 8 years old and older for a “SWEET” social ahead of time.  It was great to catch up with everyone before we were spiritually fed by our amazing leaders!  I hope everyone takes the opportunity to watch or listen to conference there is a message JUST FOR YOU!!!   

b blogwomcon22 b blogwomcon21 b blogwomcon20 imageb blogwomcon19b blogwomcon24

b blogwomcon16b blogwomcon14 b blogwomcon13 b blogwomcon12b blogwomcon15b blogwomcon11 b blogwomcon10 b blogwomcon9 b blogwomcon8 b blogwomcon6 b blogwomcon5 b blogwomcon4 b blogwomcon3 b blogwomcon2Our hero of the evening!!!  Chris set everything up to make sure our conference evening was perfect!b blogwomcon7b blogwomcon17


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