“Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha Got COOKIN??”

b blogcubscout8

The Cubs planned out what they were going to cook, they went to the store and priced their food within their budget, and FINALLY they got to cook their meal outdoor and eat it!  Bro. Fite brought his dutch oven and taught the boys how to get it going. 

 b blogcubscout7 b blogcubscout6

First up was dessert!  Simple three ingredient cake!!  One cake mix, can of peaches, and one can of lemon-lime soda!  No one thought it was going to turn out, but it was AMAZING!!! 

b blogcubscout9b blogcubscout11 b blogcubscout10b blogcubscout12 Good things come to those who wait!!!

b blogcubscout15 b blogcubscout14 b blogcubscout13b blogcubscout16 

Dinner was your basic hobo foil dinner.  They threw in chicken or steak along with potatoes, wrapped up in foil, and threw on the fire!  The boys ate like KINGS!!!  Move over moms, and let these boys dinner and show you what they learned!

b blogcubscout5 b blogcubscout4 b blogcubscout3


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