Welcome to the Eagles Nest

It was an awesome night for Braden and Tommy as they both were welcomed into the Eagle’s nest as NEW Eagle Scouts!  They both had their dads give them the Eagle Oath and Chris Otero was selected to pin them with the highest rank in scouting! 

Braden constructed a compost bin as part of the renovations of the grounds of the Glass Recreation Center in Tyler for his Eagle Project.  The purpose of the bin is to utilize refuse from activity at the center to make compost to fertilize the new landscaped garden area at the center to help the area be more sustainable at lower cost to the public.

Tommy wanted to give back to the game of baseball he loves so much and built helmet racks for all the upper fields at Faulkner Park for his Eagle Project.  Tommy grew up playing little league at Faulkner and now plays for the High School team.  The Young Men from our ward were a HUGE help in completing both of these projects! 

Congratulations boys!

b blogeagle b blogeagle2 b blogeagle3 b blogeagle4 b blogeagle5

This cake was AMAZING!!!

b blogeagle6b blogeagle8 Yes!!!  That is an EAGLE carved into a watermelon!!!  WOW!!!

b blogeagle7


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