All Good Things Must Come To An END…

Cub Scout camp 2015 has come and gone.  We are super grateful for all the AWESOME leaders who put in their time to serve at camp!  The weather was pretty perfect (over cast is SOOOOOO much better then 100*)  It was great to hang out with other wards and their youth as well!  (Glad to make new friends!)

Here is the final (and BEST day!) of Cub Scout camp!!!

The Tyler Fire Department came to hose everyone off and provide water for slip and slid, water games, or to count as a “shower” for the day!

b blogcub122 b blogcub121 b blogcub119 b blogcub120

The FAMOUS EGG DROP!!!  The boys had to design an 8X8X8 container with a RAW egg.  It was dropped from stories high and the egg is not supposed to break!!!  Always fun to see how creative the boys get!

Click here to check it out

b blogcub118 b blogcub116 b blogcub117 b blogcub115 b blogcub113 b blogcub114

Cross over Scouts

b blogcub112


b blogcub110 b blogcub109 b blogcub108

See ya next year!!


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