Rain, Rain, Can’t Keep These Scouts Away…

Rain, Rain, Go away Can’t Keep These Scouts Away!!

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The Texas State Parks came out to show how they check on and catch the fish the fish in all the Lakes here in Texas. 

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Check out who is leading FLAG CEREMONY!

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Feel the NEED FOR SPEED? (Run FASTER!!!)

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Trent as made a TON of new friends!

b blogcub73

All the boys got to do leather working and create their own work of art!

b blogcub74 b blogcub75 b blogcub76

TAG!! You are IT!!!

b blogcub77 b blogcub78

THANKS SO MUCH to Alana Otero who always goes above and beyond in her Cub Scout calling!  She has been a SUPER STAR and helped EVERY DAY with her troop!!!

(Thanks for all the pics Alana!!!)


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