Cub Scouts Rocks!!!

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Cub Scouts ROCKS!!!  Alana has run a FABULOUS scouting program.  Boys, 8-10 years old, come every week and work on different merit badges with their AMAZING (and SUPER patient) Den Leaders.  They are broken in to different groups by age. 8 year olds are Wolves, 9 year olds are Bears, and 10 year olds are WEBELOS (We Be Loyal Scouts).  Once they turn 11 they move into the Boy Scout program!  Last Wednesday some of the boys built tool boxes and others talked about birds and their eggs.  The Leaders had the boys paint their favorite birds egg.  This Wednesday will be the final pack meeting for the year (till next school year) and the boys will receive their ranking advancement, activity pins, awards, and belt loops.  A BIG THANKS to all those who help out our Scouting Program!

Don’t forget to sign your Cub Scout up for Cub Scout camp held June 15-19 at UT Tyler. 

Click here for Cub Scout Day Camp Form

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