ALOHA!! Update on Elder Hill

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Dear Hills and Ili’s,
My wife and I have spent the last several months working as Ward Missionaries with your awesome sons.  We have been here in Lahaina, Hawaii for six months and have become very close to these two special missionaries.  It is now time for us to return to our home in Utah for six months.  The hardest part will be not being around these guys.
They have performed great miracles here.  They have completely turned the missionary work in this area upside down.  In the last two months since they have been together, their teaching pool has gone from about 6 to 30.  They have 13 that are progressing nicely towards baptism.  They are loved by all in the ward and they have a great bond with those they are teaching.  It has been so fun for us to watch.  We are sad that we must leave when things are really cooking.  We will miss them.
Tonight we had them over for a little farewell gathering.  My wife made a big German Chocolate cake that they devoured.  They have been practicing their Ukuleles and did a number for us tonight that I recorded and put on YouTube for you to enjoy.  “I am a Child of God” will never be the same, rap and all.
You should be very proud of your sons.  They are excellent missionaries.  These two have had a great influence on the work in this area.  We have adopted them.  Sorry.
Hope you enjoy this video as much as we did when they did it in our condo tonight.
Aloha, and thanks for raising such wonderful, courteous, sincere, and humble sons.
David & Shelly Swenson
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