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The Bullard Ward was “making history” again this morning!  We are so grateful for modern-day technology and for Laura Mikulecky and all the time and talent she put into this class/course!!!  She had everyone come with their laptops and registered!  Then she walked us through step by step on how to piece our family tree together and add details to our family by searching their “leaves” (ancestry will find birth certificates, marriage license, voters registration, yearbook pictures, school enrollment, military, docking papers, death certificates, pictures of graves and SO MUCH MORE!!!).  Laura, along with Connie Mines, are more than happy to help assist anyone wanting to get started on this process!  At the end of the course we will send off for our family history book that makes, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I can not wait to see and learn more about my family!  Click on the links below to get started on your family tree!!

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