“EMBARK” Young Women’s New Beginnings!

yw nb43yw nb36

   WHAT A FABULOUS NIGHT!!!  Our Young Women all came to “EMBARK” and seek for great values around the world.  We had EXCELLENT speakers representing each value/port.  Here is a peek at their night:

yw nb15                yw nb17

Your Captain Acker and Co-Captain Bishop welcomed you aboard!  Upon arrival each young women received her very own passport.  She would need to keep track of all the ports and value stops she made that evening in her passport book by collecting stamps!

yw nb42             passport2

First stop was in Alaska for FAITH.  You can see the girls enjoyed the Northern Lights and snowballs.  Each received a flower bulb to plant to remind them to have FAITH… Faith without works is DEAD!  They need to tend to their plant as well as their faith!

yw nb yw nb f1 yw nb f2  yw  nb f3

Second stop was in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands that represented DIVINE NATURE!  Here they were reminded of the Ugly Duckling story and about discovering who we REALLY are and the potential we have!  Each girl was given a blue lei!

yw nb dn       yw nb dn2             yw nb dn3

Next port was around the world in RUSSIA for INDIVIDUAL WORTH.  The sweetheart couple taught it.  They both served their mission in Russia and have fond memories of that country.  They served a Russian drink and cake and gave all the girls a Russian spoon!

yw nb iw  yw nb iw3  yw nb iw6     yw nb iw1    yw nb iw2 yw nb iw5

KNOWLEDGE was represented by Ireland!  This great speaker too served his mission in Ireland!!  He talked about how knowledge is power and how we can use is as a building block to reach our full potential!

yw nb k   yw nb k1   yw nb k2  yw nb k5

This sister made great points of showing how Florida was perfect for CHOICE & ACCOUNTABIITY!  She made several comparisons you will have to find a young women and ask her about what she learned!  Each girl left with a goodie bag including imported sand from a Florida beach!!

yw nb ca  yw nb ca1    yw nb ca4   yw nb ca7

This sister was born and raised from her port!  She represented GOOD WORKS and did JAPAN!  She talked about origami and how there are so many steps in the process.  You can’t miss any of the steps or your master piece wont turn out.  We often wonder why we have to serve and help others… it too is another step in the master piece!!!  DONT MISS YOUR opportunity to serve!!

yw nb gwyw nb gw2 yw nb gw4yw nb gw6

Our girls were probably most excited to go to LONDON- it represented INTEGRITY!  This is the home of the Royals.  Even though these Royals are protected day and night, and their jewels have guards standing by 24/7, we do not need to for get we too are of ROYAL BIRTH!  we need to act and behave as a true daughter and son of God would and protect ourselves and keep watch over what is most important!

yw nb i yw nb i1 yw nb i2

They say you can’t build Rome over night, but this sister built Egypt in an afternoon to represent VIRTUE!  The room was covered in GOLD!!!  She focused her talk on a talk President Monson gave and even made each girl a gold necklace with the quote on it that said:  “Fill your mind with TRUTH.  Fill your life with SERVICE.  Fill your heart with LOVE!”  She inspired the girls to all become virtuous young women. 

yw nb v yw nb v1 yw nb v2 yw nb v4yw nb f7  yw nb2 yw nb3 yw nb4 yw nb5 yw nb7 yw nb9 yw nb10 yw nb12 yw nb14yw nb41   yw nb18 yw nb29 yw nb30 yw nb31   yw nb40  yw nb38


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